Thursday, 1 November 2012

The Black Swan - Halloween Style

Me being me I left my halloween costume until the day before, meaning everywhere was sold out of fake blood/cat ears/face paint/witch hats, therefore making my (what should have been easy) decision a nightmare

I finally decided on going as The Black Swan. 

My creativity didn't go very far beyond the makeup however. Probably could have made more effort with a black tutu, but was put off by the price tag along with the fact that I'd never wear it again. So instead I wore a black crop top and a black skirt - keepin' it simple.

One of my best friends, Kitty and I
(Sorry about the camera quality, it was taken on the front facing camera of my iphone!)

It took a good half hour to do the eyes alone but I think (and hope) it paid off. I also hope that people knew exactly who we were or it would look like a random mass amount of eye makeup ;) We coloured the lips in with a dark red lipliner and used a black pencil eye liner on the corners of our lips to darken the tone.

Hope you guys like what we did - it was definitely a lot of fun and a whole lot of experimenting!
What did you wear for halloween?


  1. Wow, your makeup is absolutely stunning! You're very talented. I was Alice in Wonderland for Halloween. :)

    Keep calm and carry lipstick.

  2. Love it! You too really look Ike sisters, actually you look like twins :)