Monday, 19 November 2012

Scottish Roots

Is it too soon for another tartan-obssessed post...?

Noo, of course it's not! 

This goregous wollen scarf is my 'go-to' item at the moment and since I wear a lot of black, it goes with everything.

I can thank my eBay addiction for this item. I was determined to win the bidding war between me and another fellow bargain hunter and ended up paying £19 (I got a little bit carried away but I couldn't afford to let this one go!) It's also by Pringle which adds luxury to my outfit :) 

In other news...I had my first set of vaccinations today in preperation for my 5 months travelling. I can deal with injections...the cost however is another story! I ended up spending £121 for four injections and that's not the half of it :( I guess this means my shopping money is being eaten into by annoying expenses such as this one!


  1. adore this scarf! crikey, you poor thing! i never even thought they would cost so much, literally ouch x

  2. That is so expensive! £121 is ridiculous!


  3. Nice scarf!

  4. I really love that scarf, the tartan is so beautiful and vivid! I'm sorry about your vaccinations, that's quite expensive!

    Keep calm and carry lipstick.

  5. love the scarf :)

    im holding a giveaway on my blog, check it out, its worldwide!

  6. Love the scarf! Definitely worth the money!
    Katie x